Heroes of the Faith

Heroes of the Faith Few spiritual activities are more edifying to my soul than learning about heroes of the faith; reading the testimonies of men and women from generations past that “left it all on the field” for Jesus Christ, often at the cost of their comforts, homes, reputations, and very lives. Because I don’t … More Heroes of the Faith

Afraid? Of What?

Afraid?  Of what? Afraid to see the Saviour’s  face, To hear His welcome, and to trace The glory gleam from wounds of grace? Afraid  –  of THAT? Afraid?  Of what? A flash  –  a crash  –  a pierced heart! Darkness  –  Light  –  O Heaven’s art! A wound, of His a counterpart! Afraid  –  of … More Afraid? Of What?

Complete In Him

I am complete in Christ! What a great joy in my heart. Nothing could be more important to the Christian. In the midst of all our infirmities and imperfections, our fears and cares, our consciousness of sin and mourning for guilt, we are still complete in Christ. We lack nothing. What a great joy and … More Complete In Him