Arthur W. Pink (1886-1952)

“Marriage is honourable in all, and the bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge”

—Hebrews 13:4.

As God hath knit the bones and sinews together for the strengthening of our bodies, so He has ordained the joining of man and woman together in wedlock for the strengthening of their lives, for “two are better than one” (Ecc 4:9). Therefore, when God made the woman for the man, He said, “I will make him a help meet for him” (Gen 2:18), showing that man is advantaged by having a wife. That such does not actually prove to be the case in all instances is, for the most part at least, to be attributed unto departure from the Divine precepts thereon. As this is a subject of such vital moment, we deem it expedient to present a fairly comprehensive outline of the teaching of Holy Writ upon it, especially for the benefit of our young readers, though we trust we shall be enabled to include that which will be helpful to older ones too.

It is perhaps a trite remark, yet nonetheless weighty for having been uttered so often, that with the one exception of personal conversion, marriage is the most momentous of all earthly events in the life of a man or woman. It forms a bond of union that binds them until death. It brings them into such intimate relations that they must either sweeten or embitter each other’s existence. It entails circumstances and consequences that are not less far reaching than the endless ages of eternity. How essential it is then that we should have the blessing of Heaven upon such a solemn yet precious undertaking; and in order to this, how absolutely necessary it is that we be subject to God and to His Word thereon. Far, far better to remain single unto the end of our days, than to enter into the marriage state without the Divine benediction upon it. Continue reading


Responding to Immodest Pressure

Responding to Immodest Pressure

by the setapartgirl Team | July 31, 2014

Modest clothing is more than just some outward choices we make, like a longer dress over a miniskirt. Modesty flows from a heart that is humble before the Lord. Our culture has made many of us believe that being unfashionable is a high sin which can only be cleansed at the altar of low neck-lines and sheer fabric. We’re so afraid of being a faux pas, that we’ve thrown away all standard of what modest, feminine apparel ought to be.

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Marry In The Lord

Three rules for a happy marriage

(J. C. Ryle, “The Gospel of Mark” 1857)

Of all relationships of life, none ought to be regarded
with such reverence, and none taken in hand so
cautiously as the relationship of husband and wife.

In no relationship is so much earthly happiness
to be found, if it be entered upon discreetly,
advisedly, and in the fear of God. In none is so
much misery seen to follow, if it be taken in hand
unadvisedly, lightly, wantonly, and without thought.

From no step in life does so much benefit come to
the soul, if people marry “in the Lord.” From none
does the soul take so much harm, if fancy, passion,
or any mere worldly motive is the only cause which
produce the union.

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